Nov. 21st, 2006

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] hangingfire!!

* * *

The new Badly Drawn Boy, Born In The U.K., is disappointing me. I should mention for context that I haven't bought anything since Have You Fed The Fish?. It's not bad, but it seems like Mr. Gough's lost track of his own weirdness. This album just doesn't have the awesome quirks that peppered his first two outings.

* * *

Requiescat In Pacem, Robert Altman. One of my favorite directors, and one of the most independent men in Hollywood. Don't blame him for Popeye...his career has so many gems in it that it's OK for a few sockets in the setting to be gemless. Short Cuts, The Player, M*A*S*H, Nashville, and Gosford Park are essential viewing, and that's more than a lot of directors will ever achieve.

* * *

No family plans for Thanksgiving this year. Granddad is still adjusting slowly to his new home, so it didn't seem wise to move him around right now. Instead I'll be sharing the festival of thankful dining with [ profile] phylomath and McKee and whoever else shows up to their gathering of holiday remainders.

* * *

Those of you into graphic design, weird folk art, Japan, Scandinavia, and/or fashion might be interested in Klaus Haapaniemi [2] [3], who makes some delightfully twisted illustration work that blends Japanese and Scandinavian folk art with modern design and creative weirdness. Here's hoping he does get his wished-for collaboration with Comme des Garcons...that would be decidedly interesting.

* * *

Check it's an electromechanical version of Pong! If you're not hip to the principles of engineering, let me just say that this is a ridiculously difficult achievement. Yes, it is yet another case of someone with a lot of time on their hands, but the execution is so extremely elegant, it's practically a work of art.

* * *

According to that BBC Brain Sex I.D. quiz battery, my brain is right smack in the middle of male and female. Not a big surprise for a math whiz who writes poetry. What *is* surprising is that I got a perfect score on the section for identifying emotions from the eyes alone. Feel free to post suggestions on how I can use this arcane skill to make millions.

* * *

Happy dining and safe travels to all of you during the holiday!


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