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Regardless of whether you're celebrating Diwali, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Xmas, Hanukkah, or the winter solstice, commerce is the least important aspect of the season.

Still, there's an undeniable joy in giving things to people, and some of you have asked for lists of what I want, so here are a few online shopping lists to assist you in your holiday buying. But first, a few disclaimers:

- I will be perfectly happy if you buy me something that isn't on the lists. Creative giving rocks!
- I will be perfectly happy if you don't buy me anything at all. Making things is a badge of uber-coolness.
- I will be perfectly happy if all you have to give me is a cheerful and heartfelt embrace to express your friendship.

That being said, here are the lists:

My Yoox DreamBox
Let me warn you, I have stuff ranging from the affordable to the ridiculous in here. Much of it is just cool fashion I like to look at wistfully while pretending there's an extra zero on the end of my salary. I don't actually expect anyone to buy me the $1500 Helmut Lang cashmere suit.

For actual buying practicality, I recommend the "sort by ascending price" option...that should push something more affordable to the top of the list. Note: Yoox does sell gift certificates, if you're feeling indecisive.

My Wish List
Everything from video games to German Romantic poetry to Kurosawa films. A few things are replacements for lost favorites, but most of it is new to me, so you have the added thrill of shaping my identity by guiding my cultural consumption. :)

My StyleHive
Currently empty, but I'll be adding stuff to it as I find neat things elsewhere on the web.


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