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Location:Austin, Texas, United States of America

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4ad, aardman animation, alain de botton, alamo drafthouse, architecture, art, austin, bbc, black comedy, brazil, candor, carole maso, cello, climbing trees, cocteau twins, composition, conversation, correspondence, creativity, dancing, darkroom, dave mckean, design, diy, djing, downtown, dreams, driving, e. e. cummings, epiphanies, essays, experimentation, exploring, eyes, fairy tales, film noir, gardens, gelato, gin, hal hartley, harmonizing, hayao miyazaki, hedgehogs, ida, idealism, idm, improvisation, independent bookstores, indie films, indie music, italo calvino, jazz, jeff buckley, jim henson, john coltrane, jorge luis borges, kodomo no omocha, laptop audio, laughter, learning, letters, libraries, listening, literature, live music, love, mix cds, monty python, music, mysticism, natural brew sodas, neil gaiman, neologisms, nina simone, non-violence, novels, npr, opera, orchestration, pablo neruda, peoplewatching, philosophy, photography, picnics, play, poetry, postcards, powerbook, puns, rainer maria, rainer maria rilke, rapier wit, reading, relationships, road trips, sailing, sarah caudwell, science fiction, sensuality, shakespeare, shakespeare in performance, shelleyan orphan, shoegaze, sleeping, smiles, sound design, storytelling, studio ghibli, sushi, t. s. eliot, tango, taoism, tea, tea ceremonies, terry gilliam, thai food, the office, the smiths, the sundays, theater, theology, this american life, this mortal coil, touch, travel, trust, typewriters, vocabulary, w. h. auden, wallace stevens, writing, yi xing teapots, young's double chocolate stout, zen
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