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Birthday planning is running apace.  Final plans for the mellow moon-festival outing are set - we'll see the moon festival from 7-9pm on Sunday, followed by drinks/dessert at Capitol Brasserie.  I've e-mailed most of you who are in Austin, but leave me a comment if I've forgotten you and we'll get you set up.

The other party is proving a difficult task to complete, and may have to be postponed, but for now I'm remaining optimistic and forecasting a surreal fantasia for Saturday, October 14th.

Finally, I just have to rant about the state of online inviting.  There are so many great "2.0" apps out there for things like photos (flickr), life-management (43things), media consumption (allconsuming), etc.  I just cannot believe no one has risen to give Evite the smackdown.  There are many sites in closed beta, but nothing decent that I can actually use.  And Evite seems to no longer have the nifty feature they once had where you could print a paper invitation with a code people could use to add themselves to the list.  What the hell?  Why discontinue that?  It's precisely what I need...a URL I can post everywhere on other social networking sites, and hand out on paper invitations, but still collect RSVPs all in one place.  Grrrr.

So, my apologies for using Evite for this.  I've been trying for 3 days to get a PHP/MySQL solution working on my domain, but there have been a hundred tiny obstacles and my ISP has been very little help.  In an ideal world, you would have been presented with something far more sophisticated, cool, and friendly.
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This year I'm planning dual-option festivities for my birthday, and I wanted to give ample warning so you can save the dates.

For My Mellower Friends: O-tsukimi, the traditional Japanese moon festival.  It's Sunday, October 8, from 7-9pm at the Taniguchi Japanese Garden in Zilker Park.  Lots of paper lanterns, beautiful kimonos, and a full moon.  Afterward, we'll repair to an as-yet-undetermined location for desserts/drinks. Photos here.

For Those Who Don't Mind Small Crowds:  A surrealist birthday party on Saturday, October 14, circa 9pm to ???.  Unlike my last surrealism party - which wasn't a failure, but was very low-key - this one will somewhat emphasize the party aspect over the hardcore surrealism aspect.  Venue yet to be determined, DJ yet to be determined, but I can promise Sharpie tattoos by Alex, a live performance by the Bill Gates Dance Explosion, and lots of random merriment.  Costumes and/or affected personas encouraged, but not required.  This will be a great time to try on that sexy Bavarian accent you've been itching to perfect, or wear that fish costume you wore at Halloween 3 years ago, this time while riding a bicycle.

You are of course welcome to come to both if you're so inclined. 

I'll have a website up soon to collect RSVPs; for now, just mark your calendar.


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